Lumilor 8 Once Bundles

LumiLor 8oz Bundle.png
LumiLor 8oz Bundle.png

Lumilor 8 Once Bundles


A LumiLor Bundle contains the correct amounts of all LumiLor components necessary to cover the approximate area listed for each size bundle. 

Bundles contain LumiLor paint only, electronics for your project should be purchased separately. 

• Backplane
• Dielectric
• LumiColor
• Conductive Top Coat

Coverage area is dependent factors such as overspray and thickness of application.

Approximate coverage area for each bundle size:

4oz Bundle:  1.5 to 2 square feet  (.14 to .23 square meters)
8oz Bundle:  3 to 4 square feet (.28 to .46 square meters)

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